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Maxon Hair Module 1.01.45 For Cinema 4D €30 buy download

HAIR is the first fully integrated CINEMA 4D module for the creation
of hair,fur and feathers. Breathtakingly fast, this module also
distinguishes itself with its minimal use of memory and intuitive

Beneath the easy-to-use interface lies a complete hair studio
- one that would make any stylist green with envy. Hair can be
grown using textures, and can be styled freely using any of
the numerous tools such as brush, comb, cut or curl.

Once the basic hairstyle has been created, the HAIR material
can be used to fine-tune the hair. Options such as color, frizz,
clump and specularity let you quickly create anything from a
fashion model's hairstyle to a furry teddy bear. HAIR dynamics
even lets you create an animation worthy of any shampoo commercial.
Use the collisions, tension or stiffness settings to add even more
life to your animations, while always maintaining complete real
time control over the look and feel of your HAIR dynamics in the
editor view.

But HAIR offers much more than just hair and fur! In the interest
of equality for all species, our feathered friends could not be
ignored. And thanks to HAIR's Feather Object, you can also easily
create fluffy down feathers or mighty eagle feathers, or anything
in between. You'll have to animate the bird's flight yourself, though.

Download File Size:56.96 MB

Maxon Hair Module 1.01.45 For Cinema 4D
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