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Scientific Toolworks Understand 3.1.646 SOLARIS €25 buy download
Understand is very efficient at collecting metrics about the
code it analyzes. These metrics can be extracted automatically
via command line calls, exported to spreadsheets, viewed
graphically, dynamically explored in the GUI, or customized via
the Understand Perl API. They can also be reported at the
project level, for files, classes, functions or user defined
architectures. Most of the metrics in Understand can be
categorized in the following groups:
Tree Graph

*Complexity Metrics (e.g. McCabe Cyclomatic)
*Volume Metrics (e.g Lines of Code)
*Object Oriented (e.g. Coupling Between Object Classes)

Download File Size:215.68 MB

Scientific Toolworks Understand 3.1.646 SOLARIS
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