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Sony MediaSoftware James Johnson Spektral Minimalism WAV ACID (1 cd) €10 buy download
Sony Creative Software, together with accomplished ambient minima-
list composer James Johnson, present the Spektral Minimalism
collection, a Sony. Sound Series. library filled with shifting,
amorphous atmospheres, long drifting soundscapes, elegant piano
passages, and textures that span the entire aural spectrum. Here is
a collection of sounds made to dance in and out of the listener's
consciousness, sounds that refer not to the passage of time, but to
the eternal and shimmering now. James Johnson's delicate sonic
environments will gently transport listeners time and again to the
final emotional destinations of your own unique musical journeys.
Created using both software and hardware based synthesis and
sampling technologies, the imprints waiting for you within the
Spektral Minimalism library will shift and blur as they live and
breathe freely in the world of your imagination.


Download File Size:543.96 MB

Sony MediaSoftware James Johnson Spektral Minimalism WAV ACID (1 cd)
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