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Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.030 | 9.6 Gb
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced the new Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.030, a next-generation custom design platform that delivers an optimal design experience and ushers in the future for custom analog design.

Cadence Unleashes the Future of Analog, Custom and RFIC Design with Pioneering AI-Powered Virtuoso Studio

- Industry’s leading platform for creating differentiated custom silicon delivers unmatched productivity benefits with new generative AI technology
- Virtuoso Studio empowers designers to push semiconductor and 3D-IC design boundaries by seamless integration with Cadence’s cutting-edge technologies and modern infrastructure
- Leverages 30 years of industry leadership for all process technologies enabling 3X productivity improvement for today’s largest designs that will shape the world of tomorrow

Virtuoso Studio features a reimagined infrastructure with a unique approach to managing design processes and allows more than a 3X improvement in design throughput for today’s largest designs, enabling customers to meet aggressive time-to-market goals.

Virtuoso Studio addresses the challenges customers face with larger, more complex designs, empowering them to analyze and verify designs to ensure that design intent is maintained throughout the design cycle. This new platform features seamless integration with other Cadence solutions, including the Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform, Cadence Allegro PCB Design and Cadence Pegasus Verification System, removing traditional barriers between different design domains and speeding design closure. Virtuoso Studio is newly integrated with the AWR® Microwave Office solution, and the Pegasus Design Rule Check (DRC) Solution and Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) Solution are now available from within the Virtuoso Layout Suite. These provide advanced mmWave design and interactive signoff quality analysis during layout creation. Additionally, customers can access the Spectre Simulation Platform, including the Spectre X Simulator and Spectre FX Simulator, through Virtuoso Studio, which allows for the analysis of the industry’s largest analog and mixed-signal designs.

The new Virtuoso Studio platform offers customers the same great experience they are accustomed to, with the following benefits to address growing complexity:

- Proven Solution: Virtuoso Studio continues to offer the secure, proven solutions that industry-leading companies and foundries have trusted for 30 years for their analog, RFIC and mixed-signal designs.
- Improved Productivity: Design teams can leverage comprehensive planar and FinFET-based layout placement automation and new routing solutions to improve engineering productivity.
- Cloud-Ready: Virtuoso Studio offers massively scalable, cloud-ready solutions for occurrences when hundreds of simulations turn into thousands. It is optimized for customers’ preferred cloud providers or ready for private cloud deployment.
- Generative AI for Design Migration: The foundry-supported solutions ease the burden of process migration for schematics and layouts. Tools within the Virtuoso ADE Suite quickly re-center and validate designs post-migration, so customers can achieve aggressive time-to-market goals. Customers can utilize the AI-enabled tools to take existing IP and transform it for their next-generation designs.
- 3D-IC Integration: Virtuoso Studio allows the heterogeneous integration of 2.5D and 3D designs for advanced nodes, analog/RF packaging/modules and photonics systems.

Virtuoso Studio stays at the forefront of delivering designs accurately and on time through innovative improvements in traditional custom design tools. The new Design Space Optimization feature lets customers utilize AI algorithms to navigate competing specifications and aid in design centering, particularly after the process migration of a design. Customers can experience faster interactive editing in both the layout and schematic tools, thanks to optimized code and algorithms, while multi-threading accelerates rendering, connectivity extraction and design rule checks in parallel. Additionally, the Cadence Spectre FMC Analysis is integrated into Virtuoso Studio and provides a complete machine learning (ML)-based Monte Carlo variation solution to deliver a 3-to-6-sigma yield with orders of magnitude speedup over brute force Monte Carlo analysis.

CCRs Fixed in Virtuoso Studio IC23.1 ISR3 (November 2023) CCR
Number TITLE

2889833 Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly with new shield router
2887312 Performance drop observed in Virtuoso Studio because the .cshrc file is loaded multiple times
2884613 Device routing throws an error when coordinates of selected area contain integers
2883998 tpaHierPushdown not getting the current cellview ID when invoked from Pattern Selector
2883555 Performance degradation observed after upgrading from ICADVM20.1 to IC23.1
2883421 Remove memory limitation for the functions fprintf and sprintf
2882421 Reliability Analysis: The Checks/Asserts view does not show asserts violations for stress and age simulations
2882247 Eval errors issued for calcVal when expression from a different test is used with more than one level
2881258 Quick plot data cannot be loaded after the simulation is complete
2880695 Auto Via fails to drop V1 vias for AutoViaConcaveCorner pass case
2880664 Namespace mapping updates before library initialization do not work with database context files
2880651 Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly when a global variable is defined with an exclusion list
2879929 Chip Assembly Router becomes unresponsive
2879619 New shield router generated tandem shield on the blockage
2879143 Provide an option in the Pin Tool to align Level-1 soft block pins with other blocks pins during assisted move
2878737 Enhance Virtuoso MultiTech to detect upreved 17.4 database and to fix die instance properties for accurate shrink property
2878500 Use Simulation Manager' is ON by default when a new maestro cellview is created, the option should be Off by default
2878363 The PR boundary is automatically modified during the apply routing stage
2878258 The PR boundary is not adjusted automatically after migration
2877923 PDK Cockpit UI callbacks not working for Pcell DRC validation
2877836 For analog_cell, Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly when Generate Selected From Source is run with Split Fingered Devices enabled
2876849 Segmentation fault error is reported when Run Plan mode is selected in Job Policy Setup form
2876631 Unexpected checker outcome for minConcaveCornerSpacing constraint
2875625 The 'wdb_net_filter_em_threshold' option creates an empty results database file (.wdb)
2874837 An error message, 'illegal character '%' ignored for _axlToolPrepareForRun', appears during the simulation run
2874671 Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly due to user-defined callback
2873982 Schematic ruler scaling is not applied to preview while running the Create Measurement command
2873627 If dochecklimit is enabled in Simulator Options form, Spectre generates an incorrect netlist for Electro-Thermal analysis
2873498 SimService.sh job uses multiple CPUs from the Parallel Num. Processors setting in Job Policy Setup
2872506 leChopShape function takes long time to run
2870855 False metal color changes are reported by the Pin Accessibility Checker for certain designs
2869953 Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly when using the ?testName argument for axlExportOutputView
2869757 Auto Via fails to honor the 'viaPreventOffCenterVia' option in Virtuoso Studio
2869731 Pin Order not being maintained in case of Rectilinear PR boundary
2869697 The simulation monitor cannot complete simulations if linger timeout is missing from the beanstalk domain state
2868885 The Voltus-Fi tab of the EMIR Analysis Setup form does not honor the setting specified using dfIILayermapNoShe
2868392 Issue with the Lint checker if a mapcon is inside foreach
2868071 Problem with wire name length limit
2867957 Maestro cellviews managed by a Design Management (DM) system are ignoring the Auto-checkin option
2867653 Assisted Export creates defective symbols due to the incorrect ALT_SYMBOLS value on comdef
2867530 Virtuoso Electromigration-EMX: LVS-based flow leads to an incorrect EM model
2866989 ADE Assembler exits unexpectedly when loading a saved state
2866292 Assisted Export: Pcell instances with incorrect data exported to Allegro Package Designer Plus
2866132 Ignore white spaces in the include section of the Simulation Files Setup form during netlisting
2865764 Auto Via slows down or stops responding in the extraction step while running Auto Via from the Auto Via Assistant
2865753 Auto Via slows down or stops responding while running the viaObstructionManagerCL function
2865714 Create a default job policy different from 'maestro default' for Simulation Manager, use -nographE only for the host
2865257 Results of reliability analysis for stress and aging simulation cannot be saved in the fsdb format
2864538 Virtuoso Studio exits unexpectedly when opening a specific maestro view
2864202 An error message, 'Invalid expressions found for the following variables', appears during the simulation run
2864151 Fix the option to delete custom instances and voltage labels
2864051 Sub-cluster devices not getting moved inside the cluster boundary
2863380 Export to Imported File command removes all unused sheets from the Excel MS worksheet
2863250 Add the VPS binary and plug-in to Virtuoso Studio
2862757 ADE Assembler exits unexpectedly when the currently selected history is corrupt
2862527 Show a warning when the run is started from ADE Verifier and Operating Single Point Run is enabled in the Job Policy Setup form
2862098 The simulation monitor process header needs a detailed log file header similar to the cds.log file
2861949 Device router (GBR.log) reported wrong shielding information
2861849 Device router creates shorts due to m1 in stdcells being used for both horizontal and vertical directions
2861407 Certain shapes are not migrated to the target layout
2860942 Recognition layer and trim data is not synchronized back after routing
2860863 Disable reporting illegal hierarchical connections to internal nets
2859070 Spectre netlister fails when a circuit contains Verilog-A modules
2857008 Virtuoso NC-Verilog Environment netlist shows bus pins in lowercase
2856797 Chip Assembly routing should use only preferred directions during bus routing
2856778 Improve routing quality when bus constraint is used in Chip Assembly routing
2856682 Virtuoso SystemVerilog Netlister is reporting VSVN-3002 error if the referenced library name begins with a number
2856651 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form
2856238 Allow copying design variable tags from one test setup to another
2852814 In Group Array mode, the row and column values are not automatically changing after the placement of devices
2852722 While using stdcell placement and routing flow, M0 fill, CM0 insertion, and drc errors are observed
2851689 Imported maestro view has local corners instead of a referenced corner inside the run plan
2851166 Voltus-XFi Quantus extraction is not loading the environment variables inherited from the Virtuoso Studio environment
2851060 Enablement flow does not import all symbols in a SiP file
2851020 Assisted Export does not export wiring changes correctly
2850803 The copied cellview with MTS settings enabled creates incorrect netlist
2849232 markers used to mask colors produce mask1 shapes without mask1 marker
2848651 Invalid I/IDR values reported by Stacked_Via_Benefit
2846384 Moving pins to Level-1 using the Pin Placement command causes labels to disappear
2845946 LVA does not fix the unassigned bump
2844977 Change the default history naming behavior for Rerun Unfinished/Error Points
2843577 Current signals are not plotted in SimVision MS when running post-layout AMS simulation with SmartView
2842739 Provide a method to bring tags down from global to local variables and vice versa
2841468 Shield vias are not fully shifted within shield metal
2840019 LEF In translation for TLEF with fine DATABASE UNITS with large AREA leads to overflow in storage
2839694 Licenses 95511 or 95512 should not be checked out during EAD distributed processing
2839533 The VAR() expression for aging simulation is not evaluated
2838657 AMS simulations give incorrect results when using an array instance containing extracted QRC views
2837733 Improve performance when building filter for system layer display in the Palette assistant
2836732 AMS simulations give incorrect results when using an array instance containing extracted QRC views
2835028 Net DI push-down works only for one-level at a time. Support push-down through several hierarchy levels
2833752 Changing the pin placement status from Unplaced to Placed causes pin movement
2832999 The Autopin command wrongly creates pins on the lowest front side metal layer when the autoPinTopBackMetalLayer option is enabled
2832221 A pin selected in the schematic Navigator assistant is not highlighted in the Pin Tool
2830393 Set global grid anchor to boundary if PR boundary is created during Make Cell
2827805 Fluid Guard Ring Chop for Advanced nodes generating useless data
2826481 The maeSensSetMethod function is unable to switch the sensitivity method from the default to 'OFAT Sweep'
2813908 File - Save As does not work as expected with neverCurrentWindow set to t
2813854 Smart View netlist generated using third-party simulator does not have all device parameters specified in the simInfo file
2813381 Improve the XStream In message XSTRM-80009
2813013 Spectre simulator cannot resolve nested patten parameter data for some Analog Library components
2808231 Quantus viaCount should not result in different EM rules applied to vias in the same array
2800355 Cross Section view should also show the MOSFET cross section, not only the layer stack
2799182 Expressions report evaluation errors when config sweeps are used in simulations
2796026 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form
2788470 Wave Compare returns error for Logic Signal/Bus - getData is not working for logic type vscv files
2787830 Scratch window invoked from View button of WSP Manager closed with an error message
2787707 QXcbConnection: Failed to initialize GLX warning is issued when opening Virtuoso Studio
2786998 The argument 'Plot/print vs' remains unavailable in the function 'delay' even when 'Number of occurrences' is set to multiple
2783326 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form
2781706 The jouleHeating metric is incorrect in the Detailed EM debug table
2776796 Part 2 of Schematic Migration enters infinite loop if removeDanglingNets is set to true
2774210 The simulation status gets stuck at 'Running' when an invalid ICRP remote host is specified
2774175 Suppress the 'Assembler 5067' message
2771904 AMS simulations give incorrect results when using an array instance containing extracted QRC views
2764764 The column filters applied using the 'Configure what is shown in the table' option are not retained when results from other simulations are loaded
2759649 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form
2754269 Issue with shorted nets in Schematic Migration when using #usePinStub=g
2754070 New Virtuoso Studio shield router is missing a tandemShield if two different shield nets compete against each other
2753048 Instance names are inconsistent between the schematic and layout views after libImport
2752598 The 'EAD Pegasus-Quantus Create Setup File Dialog' form must issue a warning if the setup file cannot be written
2751152 New Virtuoso Studio shield router is missing a tandemShield if two different shield nets compete against each other
2748685 A mismatch is reported in the Array Assistant Modgen Reuse Orientation Patterns
2729554 ADE Verifier implementations stop responding and stay in 'Stopping' state for a long time
2728088 Stretch Region command should allow drawing a box to select an edge
2715390 No snapshots are saved for simulations that are restarted using the PBSR flow in ADE Assembler and ADE Explorer
2709275 Clipping the waveform plotted across design points for measurement across any expression does not work as expected
2701768 Virtuoso SystemVerilog Netlister is reporting VSVN-3002 error if the referenced library name begins with a number
2681050 Override customFunctions.ini when loaded from .cdsinit
2637698 Existing instance name disappears from Save By Subckt window after a new instance is added
2629636 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form
2609659 Tags for global variables and design variables are not synchronized
2575282 Waveform compare does not work as expected for real signals
2533095 Unable to manually adjust the width of the left-most and right-most columns of the table in the Corners Setup form
2483295 Ensure that the tags for global and local variables are synchronized
2448674 Waveform compare does not work as expected for real signals
2183240 Remove memory limitation for the functions fprintf and sprintf
2092861 Virtuoso Studio stops responding when the 'Specify Instances/Devices' option is selected in the Monte Carlo form

November 2023
Cadence Virtuoso Studio leverages 30 years of industry knowledge and leadership in custom/analog design to give you broader support for systems, including RF, mixed-signal, photonics, and advanced heterogeneous designs. Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, cloud enablement, infrastructure improvements, and integration across Cadence products complement these design flows, creating a hub for efficiently delivering real designs for the real world.

Virtuoso Studio: Custom Design for the Real World

The analog design world we know is evolving. And so is Virtuoso technology. Learn how the best analog tools just got better to help you keep pace with your challenging design issues. The AI-powered Virtuoso Studio custom design solution provides innovative features, reimagined infrastructure for unrivaled productivity, and new levels of integration that stretch beyond classic design boundaries.
Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic systems design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware and IP that turn design concepts into reality. Cadence customers are the world’s most innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to complete systems for the most dynamic market applications, including hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, mobile, aerospace, consumer, industrial and healthcare.

Owner: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Product Name: Virtuoso Studio
Version: IC23.10.030 Hotfix
Supported Architectures: x86_64
Website Home Page : www.cadence.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Linux *
Software Prerequisites: pre-installed Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.000 Base and above
Size: 9.6 Gb

* System Requirements: × Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.030 Close
Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.000 Base

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Download File Size:10.04 GB

Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.030
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