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RAM Concept 2023 ( | 2.1 Gb
The Structural Products development team is pleased to announce the availability of RAM Concept 2023 ( is structural software for the design of post-tensioned and reinforced concrete floors including slabs, mats, and rafts.

RAM Concept 2023 Release Notes - Release Date: August 2023
This release of RAM Concept adopts a new year-based naming convention that is consistent with industry practice. The previous version of RAM Concept was Version 8 Update 4 (v08.04.00). This release is RAM Concept 2023 (v23.00.00).
RAM Concept 2023 can be installed concurrently with previous versions of RAM Concept. Installing this version will not automatically uninstall any previous versions of RAM Concept.

RAM Concept 2023 Release Notes Early Access Program - iTwin Synchronization to Cloud Workflow
The Early Access Program (EAP) for the iTwin Synchronize to Cloud Workflow continues with this version. A practical application of this technology is the ability for RAM Concept users push PT tendon profiles to a 3D analytical iTwin and review those profiles in elevation/cross section views across the floor as shown in the image below.

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Figure 1 - Tendon Visualization Mode in iTwin Synchronize to Cloud Workflow

The tags in the image highlight tools and features available in this workflow:

1. Tendon Visualization Mode – activates the Tendon Visualization mode when working in iTwin Analytical Design Review.
2. Tendon Selection Tool – selects a tendon profile in the 3D View.
3. Tendon Elevation View – displays the profile of the selected tendon in a floor cross section view. Use this view to review tendon cover dimensions at any point along the tendon profile.
4. Tendon Property Pane – displays the properties of the tendon selected in the 3D View.

RAM Concept users can participate in the EAP and access the capabilities available in this workflow at no additional charge.

RAM Concept 2023 includes the enhancements discussed below.

Tendon Property for Duct Centroid Location
PT tendon object properties now include a parameter that defines the vertical offset between the strand and duct centroids. RAM Concept users can utilize this property to determine chair height elevations for bonded PT systems and verify duct cover requirements using iTwin workflows. This property is available for all tendon objects, including banded tendon polylines, distributed tendon quadrilaterals, and manual tendons. The offset property does not currently affect the design of PT concrete sections or the visualization of tendon profiles in RAM Concept.

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Figure 2 - New CGS to Duct Centroid Offset Property for Tendon Objects

PT System Material Changes
The definition of PT Systems in the Material Specification table (Criteria > Materials) has changed. PT Systems properties are now organized by strands, ducts, and anchors. New properties, which define the geometry of ducts and anchors, have also been added.

New PT System properties include:

- Duct Shape (available selections include: Flat, Round, Oval)
- Duct Material (available selections include: Tightly Sheathed, Corrugated Plastic, Corrugated Metal, Smooth Plastic, Smooth Metal)
- Anchor Type (available selections include: Monstrand, Flat Multi-Plane, Flat Single-Plane, Circular Multi-Plane, Circular Single-Plane, Square Multi-Plane, Square Single-Plane)

None of the added properties currently affect the design of PT concrete sections in RAM Concept. The purpose of the new PT System properties is to represent the tendons better graphically in the iTwin workflows.

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Figure 3 - New PT System Material Definitions and Properties

Graphics Improvements for High-Resolution Displays
RAM Concept now automatically scales graphical user interface items, like text and tool buttons, based on the pixel density of the display. Without the scaling, tables and buttons were unreadable when using RAM Concept with high-resolution displays.

Other Changes
RAM Concept 2023 also includes the changes discussed below.

Component Upgrades
Several internal program components are updated, including the following:

- Qt – framework used for RAM Concept’s graphical user interface and more
- QVision – component used for display/image processing
- RealDwg – component used for DWG import and export
- ISM API – component used for iTwin data synchronization

PT Design Optimization Genetic Algorithm Changes
In the previous version, the PT Design Optimization feature successfully found low-cost solutions, but did not effectively eliminate isolated failures in some cases. A minor change was made to the genetic algorithm to better resolve design code failures during the optimization.

New Default for Edge Treatment Property for Punching Shear Checks
Sector Voids is now the default option for the Edge Treatment Property for Punching Shear Checks. Failure Planes was used as the default option in previous versions. The Sector Voids option decreases calculation time for punching shear checks that include multiple slab openings that are completed contained within the punch check search radius.

Ancon Shearfix Punching Shear Solution
The following changes were made to the Ancon Shearfix SSR System manufactured by Leviat:

- The option to select 14 mm was removed per Leviat’s request.
- System Reference codes have been added for Ancon Shearfix designs with AS 3600-2018. Reference codes continue to be reported for the Eurocode, BS 8110, and earlier AS 3600 versions. These reference codes can be accessed using Tools > Generate Report and used to specify/order the product.

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Figure 4 - Ancon Shearfix Reference Code in Punching Shear Report

New Installer Framework
RAM Concept now uses an installer framework that matches the installers used by other Bentley applications.

Manage License Restriction Option for Post Tensioning Features
The option to disable/enable access to the post-tensioning features (Help – Licensing > Manage License Restrictions) was removed from the program. This option is no longer needed following the licensing change noted in the “Product Licensing” section.

Bentley Cloud Service Menu
The Bentley Cloud Services menu was removed from the program. This menu included options for associating or disassociating “CONNECTED Projects” to RAM Concept model files. Project association is now handled through the iTwin Services workflow. The menu also included a link to the CONNECT Center. This web page can be accessed through the CONNECTION Client application.

Resolved Issues
RAM Concept 2023 includes fixes for the issues discussed below.

Deflection Checks with Segmented Span Segments and Skewed Sections
When spans were modeled with a series of segmented span segments and the orientations of the cross sections within the segments varied, the deflection check calculations were affected by the following issues:

1. Deflection limits were evaluated at stations along the span segments that deviated slightly from the design strip cross section locations.
2. The error below, which prevented the calculations from completing, may have occurred.

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Figure 5 - No Deflection Found for Point Inside Slab in Span Segment::deflectionAnalysis()

Critical Section Not Found for Punching Shear Checks Due to Skewed Slab Edge
In rare cases, no critical sections were found for punching shear checks near skewed slab edges. For affected punching shear checks, the warning below was generated during the analysis and no punching shear calculations were competed.

× RAM Concept 2023 ( Close
Figure 6 - No Column Critical Sections were Found at Punch Check

Copy/Paste Fails Intermittently
On isolated machines, the error below was generated when attempting to copy objects or perform a copy-move operation. In a few cases, no error was displayed but a program crash occurred.

× RAM Concept 2023 ( Close
Figure 7 - An Error Occurred While Trying to Move the Selection. End of File

Table Rows Obscured by Horizontal Scroll Bar
When a criteria table contained a single row and the table width exceeded the active window width, a horizontal scroll bar may have hidden the table row. When this problem occurred, the table data could not be viewed unless the table or window was resized or a row was added to the table.

File Compatibility Warning

RAM Concept 2023 can read all previous file formats but writes files in a format that cannot be read by previous versions.
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RAM Concept is a software application for the structural analysis and design of conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned concrete floors, mats, and rafts. RAM Concept contains an advanced feature set that allows for the design of a wide variety of floor systems including post-tensioned, reinforced concrete and hybrid systems, elevated slabs and mat/raft foundations, one-way slabs, two-way slabs, beams, and joist systems. RAM Concept enables the engineer to design post-tensioned and reinforced concrete slabs by using a finite element model of the entire slab, and also can predict the elastic behavior of a slab much more accurately than frame models. In addition, the finite element method guarantees that the analysis satisfies all equilibrium.

In this RAM Concept training video, we introduce you to the new post-tension optimization workflow.

Bentley Systems, Inc. is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive architecture and engineering software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries, $500 million in annual revenues, and, since 2001, has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.

Owner: Bentley Systems Inc.
Product Name: RAM Concept
Version: 2023 (
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.bentley.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 2.1 Gb

* System Requirements: × RAM Concept 2023 ( Close
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Download File Size:1.96 GB

RAM Concept 2023
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