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midas MeshFree 2022 R1 buld 20220630 | 1.1 Gb
Languages Supported: English, 中文 Simplified, 한국어
The Midas IT development team is pleased to announce the availability of MeshFree 2022 R1 buld 20220630 is a design and analysis cutting-edge technology developed as a joint project with Samsung Electronics. This technology performs finite element analysis on the original CAD model without need for meshing or defeaturing.

Release Note MeshFree 2022

Improved Convergence of Stress Results (Improved Stress Recovery)

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MeshFree showed very high agreement with the target solution (FEM) regardless of reference memory for deformation and stress throughout the structure through NAFEMS benchmark verification, but for stress concentration areas such as notches, a problem has been found in which error fluctuations occur rather than a solution that converges according to the reference memory.

By improving the stress recovery method, the convergence of the solution is gradually improved as the grid density is improved. This allows the user to determine the level of reference memory to perform simple subdivided studies according to the analysis purpose. The results below show the tendency to converge to the solution as the reference memory increases when compared with the improvement results for the stress concentration examples BMT-4 (Plate with hole) and BMT-5 (Notched shaft) listed in NAFEMS.

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Add Function to Select Faces Based on the Same Color

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In the previous MeshFree, to define the condition, the user manually defined it or selected it through the function to find adjacent faces within the feature angle. In the case of a simple shape or flat plate, it is easy to select, but for a complex sheet metal shape or multi-curved shape, there was a difficulty in selecting an exact face.

The same-color-based face selection feature allows users to easily apply loads or conditions with a pre-specified surface color. By applying a user-specified color to the 3D CAD shape in advance, you can select a multi-curved surface at once and apply a load, or define a condition quickly by assigning a different color depending on the location of the load, boundary condition, contact, etc.

By adding it as a new Toolbar function, you can conveniently and freely select the same color face before or during the analysis condition function, and it can be used very strongly in conjunction with the 3D CAD tool.

CAD interface Update

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The CAD Interface has been updated according to the CAD version update. Support of the latest version of CAD Interface may be delayed depending on the update environment of partners. When the latest version is not supported, you can import it by converting it to a Parasolid or STEP file. We will do our best to reflect the latest version of CAD quickly

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midas MeshFree is a cutting-edge design and analysis technology developed through the collaboration with SAMSUNG Electronics. It performs simulation of the original model you have designed without any modification. Conventional FEM required tedious and time consuming model idealization and cleanup process. However, MeshFree has the latest, efficient and effective numerical analysis algorithm that can simulate using the original 3D CAD model itself.

midas MeshFree performs analysis based on Implicit Boundary Method. General meshless method calculates deformation at the position of nodes only. Accuracy of the analysis result depends on the density of nodes. Also additional calculation of stress is required after creating internal elements. Therefore it requires large amount of memory and calculation time.

However midas MeshFree solves a problem with the identical method as FEA using 20 nodes-Hexa element structural grid. In addition it calculates results in boundary surfaces with the special integralformula. Therefore it is possible to analyze a problem faster with low usage of memory comparing to the general meshless method.

It is possible to start the simulation immediately after installation. 3-step intuitive workflow makes it easy for anyone to use. It will minimize the learning time and enable you to verify the working design model in a short time. Now, design engineers can quickly verify the performance of a model at the design stage. It provides a revolutionary process over existing methods that required knowledge, manpower, and cost.

midas MeshFree Introduction Webinar

The webinar will introduce and demonstrate main features of midas MeshFree. Check what advantages you can take for your competitive edges.
MIDAS IT has accomplished impracticable tasks, overcoming the difficult environment of the CAE industry in Korea. By using engineering simulation technology based on our own techniques through high-tech graphics, we have been developing as the biggest company that offers CAE software solution to the world.

Product: midas MeshFree
Version: 2022 R1 buld 20220630
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.midasmeshfree.com
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 1.1 Gb

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Download File Size:1.04 GB

midas MeshFree 2022 R1 buld 20220630
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