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C3D Editor 2.657 €10 buy download
The C3Deditor is the premier application for anyone
programming with C3D files and includes Internet links
directly to the C3D format web site for complete
up-to-date information. Fully integrated into the Windows
environment, a single right click on any C3D file enables
the C3Deditor to view, edit, delete and create parameters
and data in every C3D file format. Includes "drag and
drop" support for batch mode processing, 3D interpolation,
data filtering using Butterworth and digital, lag-less FIR
filters and many other powerful features.

In addition to its editing abilities, the C3Deditor can
repair many common C3D file problems, translate between
SGI, PC and DEC formats, and convert data between REAL and
INTEGER types. The editor supports a batch mode that can
automate many common editing functions.

In addition, the C3Deditor has the ability to dynamically
re-scale analog data when converting from signed to
unsigned binary formats to preserve the data values to
avoid the data overflow problems that occur when the
signed data exceeds the unsigned integer data range.


Download File Size:4.55 MB

C3D Editor 2.657
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