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ToneHammer High School Drum Corps KONTAKT (1 cd) €5 buy download
The Tonehammer High School Drum Corps is a unique library focusing on capturing
the powerful, tight sound of high school marching drum corps. Notice the tight,
harsh, mid-tones and truncated snap of marching drums. It.s quite distinct from
the solid, pleasing punch and smooth resonance of typical rock and symphonic
percussion. Rather, it.s meant to be heard loud and clear from a great distance away.

Mike was a percussionist back in high school. He returned to his old alma mater
14 years later to capture the feeling and sound of playing in a high school
marching drum corps for this library. We decided to record indoor and outdoor
versions of the drum line to provide the user with a little more freedom. The
goal was not to simply capture the sound of watching a drum corps, but to
create the feeling of actually being in the drumline yourself, all the way from
rehearsal to the big game. The indoor version was recorded in a wood, tile and
fabric surfaced rehearsal hall. The outdoor recordings were done on the
football field, so there are occasional stray elements buried in the sound from
passing pedestrians and onlookers. That.s what you get for recording in the real
world. We weren.t able to get the marching bass drums in the hall, so we opted
for the old 48" concert bass that.s been in use there since the 70s. We.ve also
done some live marching bands and parade ambiences to really put you into the
action. This library has all of the flavor and verve of a classic high school
marching drum line, with plenty of pop, crack, whump and boom to bring a little
more life into your percussion lines.

Tonehammer High School Drum Corps Facts:
Indoor and Outdoor Recording, Football Field and Band Rehearsal Hall

Marching Snare (field): strike, flam, sidestick and rimclick, looping rolls
w/ release, 5-6 velocities, 10x round-robin

Marching Snare (hall): strike, flam tight, flam loose, rimclick, rimclick
flam, looping roll and crescendo w/ release, right & left hands,
8-11 velocities, 10x round-robin

5 Marching Bass Drums (field) Tuned 20" . 36", strike & rimclick, looping
& crecendo roll w/ release, hard mallet, 6-8 velocities, 10x round-robin

48" Concert Bass Drum (hall): soft mallet strike on cowhide skin, 6
velocities, 10x round-robin

Full Bass, Snare and Quad Ensemble (field): strike and rimclick, 7-9
velocities, 10x round-robin

Full Bass, Snare and Quad Ensemble (hall): strike and rimclick, 8-11
velocities, 10x round-robin

11 Marching bands and drumlines passing by on a parade route

6 general parade crowd looping ambiences

9 instrument patches, 1500 samples, 673 MB installed, 255 MB .rar download

Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo wav format

Format(s): Kontakt and .wav

Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 /4 full versions required


Download File Size:422.14 MB

ToneHammer High School Drum Corps KONTAKT (1 cd)
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