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Infinite Skills Avid Pro Tools 12 Fundamentals €25 buy download

Joe Godfrey

In this Avid Pro Tools 12 Fundamentals training course, expert author Joe Godfrey teaches you the tools and techniques needed to work within this digital audio workstation. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with Pro Tools is required.
You will start by learning about basic editing in the timeline, then jump into learning how to customize Pro Tools. From there, Joe will teach you how to record and edit a voice track, edit music tracks, and use elastic audio. This video tutorial also covers MIDI in Pro Tools, tracking instruments, sound design, and working with video. Finally, you will learn about mixing and automation, including automating volume, printing effects and stems, and archiving your sessions.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using Pro Tools 12 to compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

01. Introduction To Pro Tools 12
0101 Who Uses Pro Tools?
0102 About The Author
0103 About The Course
0104 New In Pro Tools 12
0105 Installing And Authorizing Pro Tools
0106 Application Manager And Hardware Options
0107 Playback Engine Options
0108 Signal Flow In Pro Tools
0109 Digital Audio 101
0110 How To Access Your Working Files
02. Basic Editing In The Timeline
0201 Creating A Session
0202 Importing Audio
0203 Tracks And Track Information
0204 Clips And Clip Edits
0205Smart Tools And Edit Modes
0206 Counters, Grid And Nudge
0207 Trim, Clip Volume And Duplicate
0208 Consolidate And Export
03. Customizing Pro Tools
0301 Customizing Pro Tools
0302 Options For Saving Sessions
0303 Pro Tools Preferences - Part 1
0304 Pro Tools Preferences - Part 2
0305 Window Layouts And Scroll Options
0306 Sorting In The Clip Bin
0307 Clearing And Deleting Files
0308 Showing And Hiding Tracks
0309 Track And Clip Colors
0310 Session Parameters
0311 New Workspace Browser
04. Recording And Editing A Voice Track
0401 Setting Mic Input Levels
0402 Setting Up A Cue
0403 The 1-2-3 System
0404 The Separation Grabber
0405 Music In The Cue
0406 FX In The Cue
0407 Breathless
0408 The TCE Trimmer
05. Editing Music Tracks
0501 Editing Library Music
0502 Using Identify Beat
0503 Slicing Music Using The Grid
0504 Splices And Crossfades
0505 Fade And Crossfade Options
0506 Changing Tempo Of Library Music Tracks
0507 Setting Triggers In Beat Detective
0508 Conforming Triggers In Beat Detective
06. Elastic Audio
0601 Elastic Audio For A Voice Track
0602 Elastic Audio For Music
0603 Pitch Adjustments Using Elastic Audio
07. MIDI In Pro Tools
0701 Connecting A MIDI Keyboard
0702 Editing MIDI Notes
0703 XPand!2 - Virtual Instrument Library
0704 Recording And Editing MIDI
0705 MIDI Merge And Wait For Note
0706 Play It Slow, Hear It Fast
0707 MIDI Step Load
0708 Performance Transpositions Using Xpand!2
0709 Virtual Instruments
0710 MIDI Import And Export
08. Tracking Instruments
0801 Adding Rhythm Guitar
0802 Arranging Using The Timeline
0803 Guitar Amp Simulators
0804 Loop Record And Playlists
0805 Comping A Playlist
0806 Quick Punch
0807 Dynamic Transport
0808 Half Speed Recording
09. Sound Design
0901 Sound Design
0902 Dialog Phone EFX
0903 Creating New SFX With Plug-Ins
0904 Using Plugins To Process SFX
0905 Timing Music To SFX
0906 Tuning SFX To Music
0907 Exploring The Structure Interface
0908 Putting Structure To Work
10. Working With Video
1001 Importing The Movie
1002 Spotting The Movie
1003 Setting The Tempo Of The Music
1004 Using Spot Mode For Precise Placement
1005 Building An Alternative Version In The Timeline
1006 Bouncing The Movie
11. Mixing And Automation
1101 The Philosophy Of Mixing
1102 EQ And Volume
1103 Busses, Sends, Auxes And Inserts
1104 Panning, Marker Locations And The Universe
1105 Automating Volume, Pan And Send Levels
1106 Automating Plugin Parameters
1107 Compression And Customing Templates
1108 Printing Effects And Stems
1109 Archiving Your Session
12. Conclusion
1201 Wrap Up


Download File Size:1.95 GB

Infinite Skills Avid Pro Tools 12 Fundamentals
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