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Pluralsight Build a Better Blog with a Static Site Generator €15 buy download

Jeff Ammons

Readers hate slow loading websites, and your blog is no exception! The fastest blog response times possible come from sites that simply serve up pre-rendered files. You don’t want to hand code HTML, of course, so you need a static site generator that lets you write simple Markdown that is rendered to fully templated and styled web pages.

Why Do My Blog Pages Take Forever to Load?
8m 7s
Introduction 0m 44s
Advantages of a Static Site Generator 2m 1s
Real World Example 1m 6s
Traditional CMS vs. Static Site Generator 2m 6s
The Writing Experience 1m 42s
Summary 0m 26s
What Are the Top 10 Static Site Generators?
4m 35s
Intro 0m 38s
Defining Our Criteria 0m 54s
Making Our Selection 2m 38s
Summary 0m 23s
Creating Our Blog with Hexo and DocPad
39m 29s
Introduction 2m 47s
Install Hexo, Create New Blog 8m 58s
Install DocPad, Create New Blog with Casper 6m 48s
Starting from Scratch with DocPad 2m 9s
Installing DocPad and Create Custom Blog 6m 29s
Add a List Page and Site Information 4m 46s
Add Tags and Paging 6m 48s
Summary 0m 40s
Styling Our Blog with a Bootstrap Theme
23m 36s
Introduction 2m 46s
Modifying Our Hexo Blog 6m 15s
Modifying the Blog Home Bootstrap Theme 3m 54s
Integrating Blog Home into Our Custom DocPad Blog 10m 1s
Summary 0m 38s
Enhancing Our Blog with Plugins and 3rd Party Services
20m 1s
Introduction 0m 44s
Add an RSS Feed to Hexo 1m 27s
Add an RSS Feed to DocPad 1m 42s
Add Clean URLs to DocPad 1m 38s
Add Date URLs to DocPad 0m 51s
Add Disqus to Hexo 2m 39s
Add Disqus to DocPad 3m 14s
Add MailChimp to Hexo 3m 14s
Add MailChimp to DocPad 0m 58s
Add Google Analytics to Hexo 2m 0s
Add Google Analytics to DocPad 0m 39s
Summary 0m 50s
Workflow: Writing Our Blog and Deploying It with Git
35m 16s
Introduction 0m 30s
Writing Your Blog Posts 14m 40s
What is Git Deploying? 8m 46s
Where and How Can We Git Deploy? 5m 26s
Putting It All Together: Writing and Deploying 5m 11s
Summary 0m 40s
Bringing Our Old Blog up to Speed
5m 38s
Introduction 0m 49s
Import a WordPress Blog into Hexo 4m 5s
Summary 0m 43s


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Pluralsight Build a Better Blog with a Static Site Generator
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