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Skye Lewin

Pro Tools is the industry-standard software for music and post-production. Updated for version 12.2, this course covers the essential concepts and techniques necessary for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering in Pro Tools. Composer/producer Skye Lewin teaches you how to create music with virtual instruments and plugins, work with audio and video files, and make both basic edits and more advanced edits with tools like Elastic Time and Pitch. Plus, learn to create a musical score, write and edit automation, and mix with effects loops and more. Finally, discover how to bounce down a final master and export and archive your session. Whether you're a producer, a sound engineer, or a hobbyist, this course can help you become proficient in Pro Tools 12.

Choosing a Pro Tools version UPDATED
Optimizing your computer for Pro Tools
Troubleshooting Pro Tools
Using the exercise files
A note about perpetual updates
1. Getting Started
Installing and authorizing Pro Tools
Connecting your audio hardware
Powering up and powering down
Setting the playback engine and hardware settings
Optimizing Pro Tools performance
Understanding Automatic Delay Compensation
Setting essential preferences UPDATED
Creating a new session
Identifying elements in the session folder
Creating new tracks UPDATED
2. Learning the Interface
Working in the Edit window
Exploring the Mix window
Using the Transport and Big Counter windows
Applying the Color Palette and window arrangements
Exploring the menus
Understanding samples and ticks
Viewing and manipulating tracks
Selecting inputs, outputs, and busses
Defining input and output settings
Understanding signal paths and gain stages
Using keyboard shortcuts and Keyboard Focus
3. Importing
Using the Workspace browser
Importing audio
Importing MIDI data into your session
Importing session data
Importing tracks from an audio CD
4. Recording Audio
Creating a click track
Recording audio UPDATED
Using audio playback controls and scrolling
Working with playback modes and Dynamic Transport
Overdubbing and record modes
Recording with playlists and Loop Record
Punching and monitoring modes UPDATED
Understanding latency
Creating a group
Using effects while recording
Creating a headphone mix
Assigning disk allocation
5. Using the Edit Tools
Understanding nondestructive editing with clips
Using the Selector and Grabber tools
Understanding the Trim and Scrubber tools
Changing the view with the Zoomer tool and zoom presets
Editing with the Pencil tool
Using the Smart tool
6. Editing Audio
Understanding the edit modes
Editing and arranging clips
Using Undo
Applying fades and crossfades
Building a comp track using playlists
Locking and muting clips
Exploring special Edit window functions
Creating an audio loop
Editing a voice-over
Using Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch
Consolidating and exporting files
7. Arranging a Session
Working with clip groups
Applying time, tempo, meter, key, and chord UPDATED
Using memory locations
Saving and recalling window configurations
8. Recording MIDI Data
Setting up MIDI on a Mac
Setting up MIDI on a PC
Configuring MIDI in Pro Tools
Recording MIDI data
Recording multiple MIDI tracks with a shared virtual instrument
Setting MIDI recording options
Using Step Input
Building a drum loop with MIDI Merge
Composing with virtual instruments
9. Editing MIDI
Editing MIDI data with the edit tools
Working in the MIDI Editor window
Using the MIDI Event list
Applying event operations
Quantizing MIDI tracks
Using groove templates
Applying real-time properties
Using MIDI Learn
10. Scoring
Exploring the Score Editor
Using the Score Editor in your workflow
Setting up a score
Printing and exporting a score
11. Automation
Writing and editing automation
Drawing automation with the Pencil tool
Editing automation with the Trim and Grabber tools
Cutting, copying, pasting, and clearing automation
Enabling and disabling automation
Automating plugins and virtual instruments
12. Mixing and Mastering
Setting up a session for mixing
Creating an effects loop
Working with plugins in the mixer
Utilizing Automatic Delay Compensation while mixing UPDATED
Using equalization
Applying compression and limiting
Adding delay
Using reverb
Using AudioSuite plugins
Bouncing to disk
Making an MP3 for iTunes and SoundCloud
Setting up a session for mastering
Exploring a simple mastering chain
Understanding dither and noise shaping
13. Working with Video
Importing and viewing video files
Adding sound and music to video
Bouncing to QuickTime
14. Archiving
Archiving and sharing a session
Next steps


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Lynda.com Pro Tools 12 Essential Training UPDATED
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