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Pluralsight Accessing Data with FSharp Type Providers €10 buy download

Tomas Petricek

Modern applications need to access data from a variety of external data sources, including XML, SQL, and JSON-based services. In this course, we look at F# type providers. With type providers, you can easily explore and access a wide range of data sources directly from your code editor. We start by learning about type providers using the F# interactive and then we demonstrate how you can integrate data access code written in F# as part of a larger C# ASP.NET project.

F# Type Providers and Data Exploration
What Is This Course About?
F#: What, How, When, and Why?
Demo: A Sneak Peek at F#
Data and Type Providers
Demo: The World Bank Type Provider
How Type Providers Actually Work
F# for Analytical Components
Demo: Movie Web App Overview
Calling REST Services with F# Data
Introducing the F# Data Library
Demo: Getting Top 100 Movies
Demo: Finding Movie Reviews
XML and JSON Type Providers
Demo: Getting Movie Details and Cast
The F# Development Process
Building C#-friendly Data Access Library
Introducing Typical F# Library Structure
Demo: Creating F# Data Access Library
Building C#-friendly Libraries in F#
Demo: Calling F# Library from C#
F# Asynchronous Workflows and Agents
Demo: Calling Services Asynchronously
Integrating Type Providers with ASP.NET
Choosing Web Technology for F#
Demo: Calling F# from ASP.NET Web Site
Configuring MovieNews Application
Demo: Wrapping up and Azure Deployment
Type Providers for Azure and SQL
Further F# Type Providers
Demo: Storing Latest Movies in SQL
Demo: Caching Requests with Azure Blobs
Joining the F# Community

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Pluralsight Accessing Data with FSharp Type Providers
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