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Peachpit Press Adobe InDesign CC Learn by Video €25 buy download

Peachpit Press
Chad Chelius

This critically-acclaimed interactive training program from Adobe Press offers exceptional quality high-definition video to teach the fundamentals of Adobe Indesign CC.
Including more than 9 hours of video tutorials, the course comes complete with lesson files, assessment quizzes, and review materials. Experienced instructor Chad Chelius presents a comprehensive introduction to InDesign, including best practices as well as fundamental layout and document styling concepts. Topics covered include working with text, styles, and objects, and outputting files as ePubs, and how to work within the Creative Cloud.

01. Working with the Exercise Files
02. Seamless Update
03. The What's New screen
04. Working with Documents and the InDesign Interface
05. Getting Familiar with the InDesign Tools
06. Working with Panels
07. Customizing Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts
08. Taking Advantage of Workspaces
09. Sync Settings
10. Navigating a Document in InDesign
11. Creating Documents and Document Presets
12. Taking Advantage of Master Pages
13. Primary Text Frame
14. Previewing Documents
15. Setting InDesign Preferences
16. Unlimited Undos
17. Auto-Recovery
18. Back-Saving for Older Versions of InDesign
19. Anatomy of a Text Frame
20. Flowing text between frames
21. Placing Text
22. Find/Change
23. Adjusting Text Frame Options
24. Type on a path
25. Converting Text to Outlines
26. Character Level Formatting
27. Paragraph Level Formatting
28. Using the Eyedropper Tool
29. Using the Glyphs Panel
30. Conditional Text
31. Working with Fonts and the TypeKit Library
32. Spanning and Splitting Text
33. Bulleted and Numbered Lists
34. Placing Graphics in InDesign
35. Frame Fitting Options and Multi-File Place
36. Clipping Paths and Import Options
37. Text Wrap
38. Inserting a QR Code
39. Working with Guides
40. Inline Graphics and Anchored Objects
41. Bridge and Mini Bridge
42. Metadata Captions
43. The Links Panel
44. Applying Color in InDesign
45. Creating Swatches and Color Groups
46. Creating Gradients
47. Reusing and Repurposing Swatches
48. Paragraph Styles
49. Character Styles
50. Drop Caps and Nested Styles
51. Using the Next Style feature
52. Object Styles
53. Taking Advantage of Quick Apply
54. Organizing Styles into Style Groups
55. Reusing Styles from Other Documents
56. Drawing Frames
57. The Stroke Panel
58. Live Corner Options
59. Understanding Layers and Stacking Order
60. Aligning and Distributing Objects
61. The Gap Tool and Live Distribute
62. Making Copies of Objects
63. Transforming Objects
64. Adjusting Opacity
65. Effects
66. Inserting a Table
67. Working with Header and Footer Rows
68. Table Styles
69. Importing a Table from Word or Excel
70. Understanding Liquid Layout
71. Alternate Layouts
72. Working with the Content Tools
73. Creating a Document Template
74. Creating a Book
75. Adding a Footnote
76. Building a Table of Contents
77. Exporting a Book
78. Live Preflight
79. Packaging
80. Document Fonts and the TypeKit Library
81. Creating Hyperlinks
82. Adding Buttons and Video
83. Exporting to Interactive PDF
84. Exporting to PDF for Print
85. Preparing a Document for ePub Output
86. The Articles Panel
87. Object Export Options
88. Export Tagging
89. Creating a Navigational Table of Contents
90. Exporting to Reflowable EPub
91. Exporting to Fixed Layout EPub

Download File Size:6.38 GB

Peachpit Press Adobe InDesign CC Learn by Video
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