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Pluralsight WordPress as a Network Mastering WordPress Multisite €10 buy download

Chris Reynolds
1h 50m

Every single WordPress installation has the potential to launch hundreds of individual sites right inside the main installation with WordPress multisite. WordPress multisite can be an intimidating beast, and is not the best solution for every scenario. This course will look at WordPress multisite, when you would want to use it, how to deal with the new administrative features, and how to implement and develop multisite-specific functionality.

01. Networks Built on WordPress
01. What is Multisite .wmv
02. What's the Difference Between WordPress and Multisite .wmv
03. Types of Networks Built on WordPress.wmv
04. The Wrong Ways to Use WordPress Multisite.wmv
05. Review.wmv

02. Using WordPress Multisite
01. Setting up Multisite.wmv
02. Network Admin.wmv
03. User Management in Multisite.wmv
04. Theme Management in Multisite.wmv
05. Plugin Management in Multisite.wmv
06. Multisite Database Schema.wmv
07. Review.wmv

03. Multisite-only Funcitonality
01. Domain Mapping.wmv
02. WPMUDEV.wmv
03. Selling Sites with s2Member.wmv
04. Other Multisite-specific Plugins.wmv
05. Demo Adding a Plugin to mu-plugins.wmv
06. Review.wmv

04. Developing for Multisite
01. Common Functions.wmv
02. Demo switch_to_blog.wmv
03. Demo Create a New Site.wmv
04. Network Users.wmv
05. Network Stats.wmv
06. Demo Multisite Options.wmv
07. Review.wmv


Download File Size:319.24 MB

Pluralsight WordPress as a Network Mastering WordPress Multisite
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