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Tony Northrup How to Create Stunning Digital Photography ePub eBook plus Video $15 buy download

Year of Publication: 2013
Author: Tony Northrup
Genre or theme: Photography
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1451565416
English language
Format: ePub
Number of Pages: 595

In this book, Tony Northrup (award-winning author of more than 30 how-to books and a professional portrait, wildlife, and landscape photographer) teaches you both the art and science of creating stunning pictures. First, you will master these basic concepts:
Shutter speed
Natural light
Troubleshooting bad pictures
Using raw files
Studio lighting
Night photography
Macro/close-up photography

Chapter 1: Quick Tips
Take Lots of Pictures (and Delete Most of Them)
Try Different Viewpoints
Ditch the Lens Cap, Camera Bag
Read the Manual
Learn to Use Fill Flash and Bounce Flash
Use your Pictures
Know Your Final Format
Get another Opinion
Edit Your Pictures
Make Pictures, Don’t Take Pictures
Evaluate Your Photography
Don’t Worry So Much about the Equipment and Settings
Chapter 2: Composition
The Rule of Thirds
The Rule of Space
The Focal Point
Angle of View
Showing Scale
Showing Depth
Chapter 3: Lighting and Flash
Hard and Soft Lighting
Directional Lighting
How Your Environment Changes Light
The Golden Hour
Controlling the Sun
Using Flash
White Balance
Silhouettes & Shooting into the Sun
Chapter 4: Controlling your Camera
Shutter Modes
Other Ways to Control Depth-of-Field
Shutter Speed
Exposure Compensation
Understanding Exposure
Use Raw
Chapter 5: Problem Solving
Blurry Pictures
Low Light
Noisy Pictures
Bad Color
Spots in Pictures/Dust on Sensor
Washed-Out Pictures
Crooked Horizons
Low Camera Batteries
No Memory
Bad Weather
Short Flash Battery Life or Long Flash Recycle Times
Flash Sync Problems
Chapter 6: Portraits
Portrait Styles
Portrait Lengths
Portrait Photography Lenses
Outdoor Portraits
Indoor Portraits
Group and Family Photos
Sidebar: Shooting Sports by Brendon Code, Junior High School Photographer
Posing for Portraits
Working with Kids
Studio Portraits
Corrective Posing and Lighting
Using Studio Lighting Outdoors
Taking Self-portraits
Putting Lights in the Frame
Female Portrait Checklist
Male Portrait Cheat Sheet
Chapter 7: Weddings
Shot Checklist
Chapter 8: Animals
Eye Contact
Approaching Animals
Planning Your Pictures for Great Shots
Using Motion Sensors and Timers
Chapter 9: Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Nature
Compositional Elements
Finding a Location
Camera Settings
Sunsets and Sunrises
Streams, Rivers, and Waterfalls
Mike Laird (lairdphoto.com), Landscape Photographer
Chapter 10: Night
Taking your First Night Photo
Taking your Second Night Photo
Taking your Third Night Photo
Processing your Photo
The Difference 5.9 Seconds Makes
Urban Night Photography
Rural Night Photography
Stars and Meteors
Including People
Light Painting
Chapter 11: High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR Overview
The HDR Process
Bracketing Challenges
HDR Software
HDR Portraits
Chapter 12: Close-up/Macro Photography
Understanding Minimum Focusing Distance
Macro Photography Equipment
Macro Techniques
Focus Stacking
Chapter 13: Underwater
Testing the Equipment
Preparing for the Dive
Underwater Portraits

Plus Bonus all 36 video tutorials.

Download File Size:2.8 GB

Tony Northrup How to Create Stunning Digital Photography ePub eBook plus Video
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