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Applied Acoustics Tassman VSTi AU RTAS 4.12 MAC OSX PPC €19 buy download

The Tassman is a modular sound synthesis studio based on Applied Acoustics
Systems' award winning physical modeling technology. The Tassman offers a near
infinite range of creative possibilities with a wide collection of synths
ranging from highly realistic emulation of acoustic instruments, analog and FM
synthesizers, loop processors to entirely unique hybrid creations simply not
possible by any other means.

The Tassman is a tightly integrated environment comprising of three mains
interfaces: the Player, the Builder and the Browser. With the Tassman Player
you are ready to play any of the synths included in the library. The
automatically generated Player interface is inspired by classic analog
hardware making it easy to tweak any of the existing factory presets to create
and save your own custom sounds.

The Builder allows you to customize the way individual modules are connected
within a synth, or even create your own instruments from the ground up, using
an intuitive 'building block' approach. The Builder interface presents the
patch associated with each synth in a way that is easy to understand and
logical. A patch can easily be modified or created by dragging the color-coded
building blocks from the bank of modules. Finally, the Browser is where you
find and organize all the Tassman elements used in the Player and Builder:
performances, synths, presets, modules, MIDI Links, imported patches and
subpatches. The Browser Filters and Locate function make navigating and
organizing Tassman elements a breeze.

From unrivaled recreations of analog and acoustic instruments, to wildly
adventurous cinematic textures, the Tassman puts the shape of sound design in
your hands.

New Features:

Performance Mode

Performances provide instant access to your sounds by combining a synth, a
preset, effects and MIDI maps. For quick and easy access, you can organize
performances by style, by type or even by venues.

Output Stage

The new Output Stage includes sync-to-host capability, tempo synced ping-pong
delay, reverb and audio recorder. While providing instant control over
playback and recording of your performances, the Output Stage also adds depth,
warmth and dimension to any synth.

Expanded Library

New collection of synthesizers and effects created by top sound designers.
Their focus has been on the creation of highly usable sounds for musicians and
studio professionals.

Audio Input Processing

The Tassman can now be used as a real time audio effects processor! For
instance, acoustic resonators can be used to add unique textures to your
sound. Use it as an effect plugin with your favorite host application.

Improved Algorithms

Improved acoustic objects and generators that sound better than ever.


Download File Size:11.21 MB

Applied Acoustics Tassman VSTi AU RTAS 4.12 MAC OSX PPC
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