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Wave Arts Power Suite 5.30 VST MAS RTAS AU MAC OSX UB €20 buy download



The ultimate channel strip plug-in, now better than ever! TrackPlug 5
is an all-in-one processor which features a 10-band EQ with several
filter types, spectral analysis, a brickwall filter section, dual
compressors, a gate, sidechain EQs, clean/vintage compression modes,
and a peak limiter. Still incorporating Wave Arts' impressive CPU
efficiency, you can bring out the best in all of your tracks.


Go from small rooms to vast spaces- create the perfect ambience.
MasterVerb 5 is a multiple algorithm reverb that covers all the bases.
Now includes early reflection controls, multiple late reverb
algorithms (including a true plate reverb) and envelope control. Still
the best sounding, most efficient software reverb, now with a vast
palette of sounds.


Tame the peaks in your mix a bit, or squeeze as much volume as
possible out if it. FinalPlug 5 provides peak limiting and volume
maximizing as well as comprehensive dithering options to make this
plug-in specially suited for mastering a final mix. Features a brand
new limiting algorithm with auto release control for greater sonic


Powerful multi-band dynamics: use up to six compressors/expanders,
each operating in a different frequency range. MultiDynamics 5 has a
variety of uses including mastering, noise reduction, volume
maximization, and sound design. Now includes clean and vintage
compression modes.


The powerful binaural spatial processor, now available with Power
Suite! With Panorama 5 you can create stunning 3-D effects over
conventional stereo headphones and speakers. Features sophisticated
HRTF, crosstalk cancelling and room modeling DSP technology.

Version 5.30 update:

* fixed problem automating VST parameters that involve latency change
(playback issues)
* implemented a new thread synchronization mechanism so that performance
issues (graphics updating, slow responsiveness in particular
circumstances) are avoided
* MultiDynamics latency now properly reported
* TrackPlug EQ display correctly reflects bypass state
* fixed crash problem with Wave Editor (Mac)
* FinalPlug adds denormalization protection
* Fixed permissions problems on both Mac and Windows where accounts in
user mode had problems accessing the user preset files or graphics

Download File Size:37.39 MB

Wave Arts Power Suite 5.30 VST MAS RTAS AU MAC OSX UB
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